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Recording Life

Introverted Feeling

Orion's shoulder

CSC Lab "Musica per Film 2023" (Short Films Rescoring)

Il ritratto




And I love her

Candlelight Fantasia


I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight

Ghost World_IGTV

Harry Potter (Medley)

Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Cover)

Mr Nobody - Sous les Draps (Cover)

Dream Theater - Space Dye Vest (Cover)

Neverending Story (Piano Medley)

Futuryo - Morto (Solo-Cover)

Mary Poppins (Piano Medley)

Symphony X - Light Up The Night (Solo Cover)

After the Burial - NeoSeoul (Intro Cover)

Diana Boncheva - Beethoven Virus (Piano Cover)

Beatles (Piano Medley)

ET (Piano Medley)

Breaking Bad (Intro Cover)